Redback Boots are 100% Australian made and owned. The Cloros family who operate the business are 4th Generation boot makers. Family members work hands on in the factory every day, to ensure the highest standard of production quality.

Redback means vision . In the early 1990s the Australian Government accelerated the removal of Tariff barriers protecting Australian Boot makers. Many footwear manufacturers decided to use this opportunity to source cheap semi finished products from third World Countries where costs are low.
Redback decided to go the opposite way. The Cloros family decided there was a market for hand made, high quality specialist boots for specific industry purposes. And began making a high quality range of boots for Firefighters, Police, Paramedics, Smelter and Steel makers, and Defense Force personnel. These boots are now exported to customers around the world.

The experience gained from the rigorous demands placed on them to develop this high performance specialist footwear have led Redback to build a range of General Purpose Industrial, Hike and Casual Footwear.

Because Redback Boots are tougher, lighter and more comfortable than ordinary footwear Redback has achieved enormous growth. Starting with just 5 employees in 1989 there are now over 100 people involved in boot production and distribution from their Sydney factory for Australian and Export Markets

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All Redback Boots have been made under various Australian Government approved and externally audited Quality Assurance schemes.


Redback's and Quality Management System is ISO 9001 accredited by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).


The company's Steel Toe Products are certified to the Australian & New Zealand Protective Footwear Standard AS/NZS2210.2. These products also comply with the US ANSI standard.

Redback has also attained accreditation for the NFPA 1971 Standard for Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire fighting - 1997 edition.
These Fire-fighter Boots also meet or exceed the EN-344 European Standard.

All our boots are made in Australia by workers who are employed under Government regulated awards. All Redback workers have a superannuation plan for retirement, Workplace safety insurance and comprehensive Government Medical care - employees are free to join a union if they so wish. The Redback factory complies with all Government Occupational Health and Safety Requirements and Equal Opportunity Requirements.


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Redbacks experience in making small production runs of highly specialised boots make them ideally suited to providing customers with industry specific footwear. As part of its commitment to meeting customer needs Redback looks at the total range of footwear requirements and foot related issues.

Redback has broadened its scope to include a wider range of foot-related issues. We recognize that there are other elements contributing to a successful and durable outcome from its footwear program - such as the wearer's foot health and performance, education, correct fitting and usage. To turn these other needs into practical and complementary services, Redback consults and collaborates with a range of specialists and other service companies in the foot-related fields

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Redback started at a time when most Australian Footwear manufactures were selling up or going offshore to countries with cheap labour. Those that stayed started importing partially finished footwear with most of the labour already done then finishing them and calling them Australian made.

We had a vision to focus on genuinely 100% Australian made boots with locally sourced premium grade leathers and materials.

Redback is commited to Australia. Since 1989 we have invested over 10 million dollars in state of the art shoe making equipment so that our skilled craftsmen maximise productivity and value to our customers.

The dramatic growth of the company is testimony to the fact that many customers share our vision as they benefit from using comfortable, lightweight and hardwearing boots.

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